THE 2015/2016 BIENNIAL


January 9th – March 20th 2016

generously hosted by







And additional work by Elisabeth Gerony


Jan Fairbairn-Edwards will also be exhibiting



Association Chaîne de Papier

Chiaping Lu (Taiwan)

Museum of World Religions.



 The previous event of the touring Biennial 2015

12th - 27th September 2015

took place in the village of Lasalle, 30460 Gard, France

La filature du pont de fer

Galerie le petit temple

La médiathèque




The first Biennial 2015 exhibition was at

The New Brewery Arts Centre,

Cirencester, Gloucestershire, UK

during April and May 2015


The planned future venues for the Biennial are


September 2015 -  Filature, Petit Temple & Médiathèque, Lasalle, Gard, France

January 2016 – March 2016 -  Museum of World Religions, New Taipei, Taiwan

April – May 2016 -  Villa Dutoit, Geneva, Switzerland



For the Biennial 2015 the invited artist is Charmian Pollok who lives and works in Scotland. Her body of works under the title “Ghost Croft Archive”, will be presented as the inspiration for the theme “Metamorphosis-Memory Profound-Transformation". Artists have been invited to create new works on this theme with paper as the main medium, “work on paper” is generally prohibited, but there can be exceptions. The use of pure materials including plant fibres and recycled paper with the minimum of added chemicals, glues etc are also encouraged. Art addressing issues of nature and the environment are particularly encouraged. A special limited edition catalogue printed on Washi paper from the Atelier Papetier, Arles, France will be published, as well as a copy printed on recycled paper. Participating artists are invited to send with their works samples of the plants and papers made for the exhibition which will become part of the Associations Plant Fibre Archive (shown during the event) as well as inclusions in the limited edition catalogue.


Pour notre prochain Biennale 2015 l'artiste invitée est Charmian Pollok d'Ecosse. Son exposition sous le titre « Croft Archive », sera présentée comme inspiration, avec le thème “ de transformation, de métamorphose et de memoire profonde”. Les artistes sont invités à créer de nouveaux travaux sur ce thème avec le papier comme matière principal. Le « travail sur le papier » est généralement interdit, mais il peut y avoir des exceptions. L'utilisation des matériaux purs comprenant des fibres des plantes et du papier recyclé, avec le minimum de produits chimiques, est encouragée. Une édition limitée du catalogue sera imprimée sur du papier Washi, fabriqué par Benoit Dudognon de l'Atelier Papetier d'Arles. Le tirage de ce catalogue se fait uniquement sur commande avant l’impression.


Ghost Croft Archive: A Walk to Work Charmian Pollok


"All Charmian Pollok’s work derives from the experience of a place, some moments in time, as the artist walks a particular landscape. Since early childhood she has walked - it is part of her daily existence, a necessary activity and one which now forms the basis for most of her work. “As a child I would walk and botanise and collect ‘stuff’ which I found along the way. Decades later things have not changed much except that now this activity has a purpose which is directed towards my artworks. Attending art school (Glasgow School of Art) in my middle age taught me to call the ‘stuff’ I collected ‘found objects’. At last, a rationale for an untidy habit!” Alongside found objects her work also often employs handmade papers, often made from plants gathered from the site where the object was found, thus increasing the site-specificity of the piece. Living in the Scottish countryside, in the Trossachs, Pollok’s walks often take her across country and past ruined crofts hence this on-going project."


Ecoute, un paysage une pensée peut créer. Tout mon travail dérive de l’expérience d’un lieu, de moments dans le temps, quand je marche dans un paysage particulier. Depuis mon enfance, je marche. Cela fait partie de mon existence de tous les jours, une activité nécessaire qui est à la source de mon art.    


Charmian Pollok.


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